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Ready To Book an Inbound Planning Consultation?

When starting inbound it’s important to have a comprehensive, actionable plan that is backed by data to help cement internal understanding and secure business buy-in.

If you would like to explore the processes and components required for inbound success, you can book an inbound planning consultation call at a time and date that suits below:

  • Ensure C-Suite buy-in with a plan to build your inbound business case
  • Explore methodologies and timelines and requirements for your organisation
  • Aligning and manage key marketing and sales stakeholders
  • Review how to measure success for definite ROI in relation to your unique goals

Not Ready To Talk?

Build The Internal Business Case For Inbound

This executive briefing is designed to introduce and outline inbound marketing to your sales and marketing teams.

It describes the objectives and benefits of inbound, showing how the methodology maps to business goals, while providing a practical framework, timelines, and steps to take to implement a successful inbound strategy.

  • How to implement inbound’s many moving parts successfully
  • How to build the business case for inbound
  • Frameworks, timelines and technology needed
  • Aligning marketing and sales
  • Measuring success for definite ROI
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The Value of Inbound Marketing

68% of marketers using inbound say strategies are effective, vs 32% using outbound

Source: State of Inbound

46% of marketers say inbound creates higher ROI (just 12% say outbound is best)

Source: HubSpot

One third of marketers think outbound techniques are overrated

Source: HubSpot

Some Of Our Customers

Strategic IC specialise in helping some of the world's largest B2B enterprise tech, professional service and pharmaceutical companies increase and nurture their sales and marketing pipelines

Want More Information?

Why not download our step-by-step guide to Inbound Marketing? The guide covers everything from understanding the basics, to implementing best practice campaigns.

Download A [CMO's] Guide To Inbound Marketing

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